Anne + Stephen

What an amazing day and what a pair of amazing photographers. You’re both very highly sought after for very good reason!

We’re absolutely delighted with our photos – a merger of stunning art with candid and family photography. Everything about them screams energy and happiness, it simply doesn’t get better than this! Every photo is so different to the last, different angle, different light, different background. You really put so so so much effort into them, both on the day and after.

Aside from the photos, you were so easy to work with, more chilled out and laid back than ourselves (which is hard!) and you are genuinely interested in what you do, going to great lengths to get the perfect candid shot! Family photos came easy, they were set up in an instant and all are nothing but perfect. Even with the hordes of relatives interrupting your shots, not once was a voice raised or a temper flared. Adele, you did a fantastic job getting everyone gently into position. I can’t think of a better duo.

And to top it all off, our photos were ready the day we arrived back from honeymoon. Hands down 100/100 rating from us for service/value/professionalism and we don’t give out ratings like that easily!!!!!

Thanks for everything!

Marie + Evan

Thank you for doing such an amazing job of capturing our wedding.

It was such a pleasure to meet you and to have you there on the day. The photos have exceeded our expectations, and we really could not be happier with them. We have received so many compliments (and our friend Hannah wants to train with you to become a photographer!). Evan and I really appreciate your flexible approach and your relaxed attitude. But we were also glad that you listened so closely to what we were looking for (lots of natural photos of friends) and made it all look so good!! Love from New York.

Eimear + Micheal

We absolutely love our photos. I’m thinking of hiring a billboard on Patrick Street to show them off!!!

The photo shoot was our favourite part of the day…Thanks for such a professional service.

Father of the Bride

We’ve just seen the photos and I want to tell you and your wife that I think they are absolutely excellent and that we are thrilled with them.

In fact I feel that they are much better than ‘excellent’ in the sense that they show a very special sensitivity and feeling for what was going on, as well as being technically perfect. I know that I have never seen a set of photos that succeed so well in capturing the atmosphere of an event and I think that is what my daughter and her husband wanted most of all. It’s a real pleasure to see how happy they are with them, so I think you both deserve to be told that you have done a very special piece of good work that’ll give hours of enjoyment for many years to come.

I was also hugely impressed, on the day, by how hard you worked and by the special attention you paid to the task of getting the best shots – loads of them full of intimacy and warmth. You both also succeeded in doing your work very unobtrusively and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the guests actually thought that you also were guests! A major advantage that you both have, of course, is that you both are lovely people with warm personalities. I know that you are both wise enough to cherish that gift always.

Thank you both very much again. I wish you every success in your work and I’m going to avail of every opportunity to recommend you to others.

Niall + Caroline

What can we say – you are both a class act from start to finish!

You took some really beautiful and completely original shots that we will treasure forever and we really couldn’t be happier that we chose you both to capture our special day so perfectly. You were both so easy to be around, completely unobtrusive (when appropriate!) and we genuinely hardly noticed you snapping away in the background…but when the time came to take control for the family portraits – you were thoroughly professional, and efficient and put everybody at ease instantly (and even managed to politely rein in those family members who kept wandering off!).

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our photos (and so does everybody we show them to!) and we could not recommend you any higher – there is no doubt you have an amazing career ahead…BEST OF LUCK!!

Eve + Eamon

Want to say a huge thank you for everything.

You were both great on the day, so calming and easy company. We really felt safe in your hands. As for the photos they are amazing, exactly what we wanted. You managed to capture every moment and feeling in a very special way. We can’t thank you enough.

Damian the Best Man

Just saw the show reel and want to commend you on an unbelievable job.

Every image was of the highest quality, and your lines and angles were perfect. The natural setting is a challenging one to get the perfect photo but you managed to do time and time again. Your professionalism and manner was exceptional and I would like to thank you for your work and giving my friends the priceless gift of these memories to have forever. I very highly recommend your work for any event.

Clare + Aodhán

Shane, ye were just amazing on Saturday.

….We had such a laugh with you. I know in advance that the photos will be awesome. You’re a class act!

….Just a quick note to say thank you so much for being so amazing on our special day. And what a day it was- I don’t think any of us will forget the heatwave of July 2013 in a hurry! You were both absolute dotes to work with- really reassuring and so lovely to have you in our homes. I am looking so forward to seeing the photos, Thanks so much.

….I’ve looked at the slideshow at least 100 times at this stage…Aodhan thinks I’m the biggest loser on the planet, he hears the David Kitt music going upstairs and he’s like “Are you looking at it ..AGAIN?!”

Linda + Bryan

Shane we absolutely LOVE our photos and you captured our day perfectly!

Our main request of you was to snap natural and candid photo’s while letting us mingle with our guests and drink champagne… PLUS capture the traditional set piece shots…. WHILST being assertive during family shots without being bossy, and make people feel at ease at all times!!Simple right?! Well somehow it was for you….

The best thing about our photo’s is that we can remember exactly what we were feeling at different times of our day thanks to the way you captured our special moments… and we will always have that. We couldn’t have been happier with our choice of photographer and are so grateful to you for the air of calm you brought with you on the day.

Thank you so much Shane, you rock!!

From Mr & Mrs Mullen

Christine + David

The slideshow is fantastic, so subtle and sweet.

We are so happy with the photos we have seen, so really excited to see all of them! All our family and friends love it too. EVERYONE cried a little bit, ha ha.

Danielle + Kevin

Well……what can I say…..WOW!

Oh my god we LOVE them!! I only saw the email last night so we watched it on TV before bed about 4 times haha! We are soo thrilled. Thank you so much to you and your beautiful wife Adele, you really couldn’t have done a better job ‘Perfect’!

Aw, it was so nice to watch. It really jogged my memory as it was all a bit of a blur, haha! I cannot wait to show my family and friends, so exciting, I think we will get a few tears, haha! Thank You, again.

Amazing, I think I might watch it again now, haha!

Ciara + Tiarnán

Wow! All I can say is you guys are just amazing!

The photos in the slide show captured such intimate moments of the wedding, you are both so talented and we feel so lucky to have had you involved in our day, said it before and not that you need it, but cannot spread enough of the good word about your talents amongst our friends for their upcoming nuptials. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the shots. Ciara

I just wanted to thank you and Adele for a great job on our wedding day. We were really impressed and we are delighted with the slide show. It puts me in great humour every time I look at it. All the best of the luck for the future – but given the quality of your product, I doubt you need it! Tiarnán

Nuala + Peter

All we can say is WOW!

The pictures are fantastic. We love them. Thank you both so much for all the work ye put into the day. They are exactly what we wanted and we can’t believe the details ye captured and the natural reactions of people. We were up all night watching it over and over again.

Maressa + Evan

Firstly, what a quick turnaround – thank you both so much! Secondly, they are only amazing!!

Seriously lads, the photos are just superb. We have just laughed and cried looking at them. You don’t need us to tell you, but ye are amazingly talented at capturing moments that one would have thought was un-capturable (if that makes sense). The photos aside, ye are so, so easy to be around. The day just happened in the most natural way, we had the time of our lives, not once did we worry about anything and we have ye to thank you both for that. Thanks for making everything so easy!

….We got your package yesterday. Absolutely delighted with all the photos. Every.last.one.of.them! Really fab – we will cherish them for years to come!

Sarah + Eoin

Thank you so much for all your hard work in capturing our special day.

You were so professional and put in the extra miles (literally) to make sure we got beautiful pictures. We love all our photographs but especially love the picture at the moat in St. Mullins. It was an absolute pleasure having you with us on the day- you really have a gift with putting people at ease while getting the job done- we love the results. Thanks again for everything.

Orla + Brian

Oh my god the photos are amazing, we absolutely love them!

Ye captured so many special moments. Honestly ye are gifted. We are so thrilled. Thank ye so so so much, we appreciate it so much. Only checked my emails 20 minutes ago as we were doing the charity run for life here all day so was out & about. I’ll be up half the night looking at them now!!

Again ye are fantastic, thanks a million. Seriously we are so happy with them.The photos are incredible and so many friends and family are complimenting your amazing work, the more I look at them the more I love all the moments captured from our best day. Ye were great to be around & so professional, I have highly recommended ye. I have no doubt ye will be the most sought after photographers and I bet already are. We are so thrilled with our choice of photographer and will always get so much joy looking at the photos. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.

Ciara + William

Those photos are stunning….as I knew they would be.

A massive Thank You to yourself and Adele for being so brilliant on the day. You guys have very much been the talk of our families since the day, how relaxed you made the whole day feel and didn’t make anyone feel self conscious about being photographed. I think it’s reflected in your beautiful photos, very natural and genuinely show the fun of the day.

Ciara + Stephen

Thanks so much for yesterday. You and Adele were amazing, can’t thank you enough for your incredible professionalism, you put both me and Steve at ease from the start.

To say we are happy with the photographs is an understatement, we are thrilled to bits. We were so excited last night looking at them. You both did an amazing job; the way you captured the day and told the story from start to finish was just superb. We cannot wait to show our friends and family. We were saying that in fact there are too many photos that we would frame and put up, it will be hard to choose just a few.

There are some really special photos taken in the house that I really will always treasure, and the polling ones were class, we both commented how you made the church look amazing, the Charlesfort shoot was just perfect, the Bullman was fantastic, I am running out of words to describe how great they were. We loved the photos in the Carlton too, especially the photos of us just before we went into the meal and the speeches reactions.