Kirsty and Eoin’s story is a compelling and poignant one.  Their mum’s were best friends growing up in Tipperary. Kirsty was raised in London but she and her family used to spend summers in Spanish point with Eoin’s family. 10 years ago Eoin’s dad and Kirsty’s mum passed away within a week of each other. This brought the families even closer together and Kirsty and Eoin became a couple the following year. 
      Fast forward 7 years to August 2020 and this unlikely, joyous, laid back, rustic, spontaneous and beautiful wedding day. I say unlikely because it took place on a beach (Fanore in Co Clare…of Father Ted fame) in Ireland and during the first year of the pandemic. To make this wedding happen, friends and family along with Kirsty and Eoin travelled to west Clare from the U.K and quarantined for two weeks. They did all this with no guarantee that the wedding day could go ahead because of the ever-changing restrictions. To be asked to document a day that was brought about by these selfless acts and sacrifices in the face of so many obstacles was something I am really grateful for and couldn’t have enjoyed more.

      Venue: Hotel Doolin
      Dress: Grace Loves Lace