To view this post please visit the old SOSAC Photography blog. I dropped over to London a few weeks ago for a brief visit. On Sunday morning I went out for a stroll with the camera. After a quick visit to the city centre I headed east to the Spitalfields, Shoreditch & Brick Lane area. It was a grey overcast day that just seemed the perfect light for seeing this part of the city. Such an eclectic, multi ethnic, multicultural vibrant place and yet uniquely London. You couldnt help but fall in love with the city having visited this eastern enclave. If you have been to London before and seen the sights I recommend this as your first stop the next time you go.


      I loved the photos of East London. A few months ago I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful day in the Brick Lane area with my niece, Olivia, who was so excited about the vintage shops in the area. Your photos captured the vibrancy, energy,colour and life of this corner of London so beautifully. A part of me wanted to rent a little appt. there and stay for a few months. Well I might just do it sometime ! I’ve enjoyed looking at your photos so much. Well done to you both.